This is John

John Murphy is an artist and author, formerly of In his plush toy heyday, John wrote several books about making stuffed toys. He is currently earning his master’s degree in mental health counseling and trauma therapy, and plans to continue serving at-risk kids.

With studio life at a current ebb, John serves his state as a juvenile justice youth counselor, working with amazing, flawed, redeemable, chaotic, incredible, marvelous youngsters who add unspeakable dimension to his life, and change his perspective regularly.

What else..

John has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He collects transformers. He has 3 nephews, one biological and two who adopted him. He has one goddaughter. John has 2 parents and 2 stepparents, but not in that order. John likes to bike and work out, but doesn’t do it as regularly as he should. John loves to bake breads and sweets, and is said to have inherited that knack from his great grandfather. John likes to put faces on things. He loves to draw. And these days he cannot stop crocheting.

John is a redeemed sinner, and handles that ongoing process here.

His birthday is very soon ;)