October 12, 2017

Two of my Land of Nod dinosaur toys made it onto a recent episode of Modern Family! Hulu subscribers can see it this week. If you look past Ed O’Neill and Jeremy Maguire to the shelf at the far wall, you’ll see my orange triceratops. Just to the right of that is my giant blue stegosaurus on the floor. Al Bundy was in the SAME ROOM as MY TOYS. Sadly, these items are sold out as they were designed a couple of years ago. Maybe if enough of you contact Nod and ask nicely, they’ll bring ‘em back! Nothing to lose by trying!! Awfully sorry about the image quality too. Hulu might be particular about screen grabbing.

October 10, 2017

Here’s a timeline that lead me from the Stupid Creatures to where I am now.

2003 Started making sock monsters in Okland, CA, and peddling them from shop to shop. Got some coverage in Ready Made Magazine (now defunct, I guess). That led to some coverage in other magazines. went live. Started taking custom orders. Lark Books, now Lark Crafts, caught wind of my efforts and offered me a craft book contract.

2004 Got really poor living off of sock monster income and odd jobs. Moved back home to North Carolina to write Stupid Sock Creatures. Got a studio in downtown Asheville.

2005 Stupid Sock Creatures came out. Started teaching classes and giving lectures nationwide.

2006 TV spot on HGTV’s That’s Clever (now also defunct.. I must have the magic touch). Moved into a studio in Asheville’s River Arts District.

2007 Started counseling kids as a one-on-one for a 5th grader with high-functioning autism. Continued making monsters for shows and sales. Still wasn’t a living, but I kept trying.

2008 Got my second book contract from Lark and started writing Closet Monsters. Housing bubble burst, people got poor and stopped buying art.

2009 Income getting desperate, I kept making monsters, but started looking for other work in the counseling field. Was offered a contract for Revelations and the Stupid Creatures, and began working on that book.

2010 Became a wilderness camp counselor. Life officially changed. Kids in need mattered more to me than art ever did. Closet Monsters hit the shelves.

2011 Became an intensive in-home counselor, working with kids and families in poverty-stricken rural areas in western NC. Landed book contract #3, and started writing Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures. Began working with Land of Nod on various toy lines.

2012 Became a day treatment counselor for kids whose behaviors got them kicked out of school. More toy lines with Land of Nod. Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures hit the shelves.

2013 Promoted to lead day treatment teacher at my agency. Started thinking about grad school. More toy lines with Land of Nod. Worked with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo to pitch a cartoon property to Cartoon Network.

2014 Dad diagnosed with leukemia. Moved closer to where dad lives. Became a juvenile justice officer with NC’s department of public safety. Became a godfather.

2015 Became certified as a juvenile justice officer.

2016 Started my graduate degree with Regent University to become a mental health counselor. First biological nephew was born.

2017 Working out how I want my career to look when I graduate. Dusting off the website. Still making monsters when I can.

If you’re curious about anything else, glean my social media resources or email me.

October 6, 2017

I am on a break at my job. And I am looking to see if I can update the website using just my phone. So far the features appear to function, we will see what happens when I check out what I did on an actual computer.

October 4, 2017

My intention was to make this page my news and updates page. But now that I’ve just designed my first “gallery,” I now know that the more images I bring onto this page, the closer I draw to making it into a gallery as well (followed by a truckload of type). I must continue to see what The Grid can do for me. In the meantime, I have got to write the genogram paper I should have written yesterday. Not freaking out. Not at all.

October 3, 2017

I am testing to see how this looks. Right now I am torn between numerous options, one of which is my actual priority. I’ve got a paper due in a few days and I should work on it. Instead I’m tinkering with this website and its AI software (thank you, Grid). Some things about this software confuse me, but so far so good. We will see what happens.

October 3, 2017

I haven’t posted to this website in a very long time, but for good reasons. At this very moment, I should be working on a paper, but an acquaintance of mine told me my website had no content when she tried to view it, so I’m trying to rectify that. At the moment, there isn’t much content because I don’t have my act entirely together. I’m roughly halfway through my graduate degree at Regent University for mental health counseling. With my full-time job in juvenile justice, there hasn’t been much room for new art in the past several years. That will change when school is over and I work towards my counseling licensure. Here is what I plan to have more of on the website:

New art

Announcements for art lessons

Downloadable projects

My thoughts on mental health and human development

Classes and schedules

Discussion forums

Links to buy my books

All of this, of course, is contingent upon my learning this web design software. The Grid is meant to be easy. We shall see exactly how easy it is.